My Mission

To share facts from research
about repair of damage caused
by multiple sclerosis …
To share ideas for applying research
to assist in RECOVERY
from all the damage of ms …
To share a message of Empowerment
& Problem Solving
far beyond living with ms …


Evolution by Intention 2009 Declaration by Eva Marsh
In order to progress beyond historical notions of
evolution through incremental change
to one of Evolution by Intention
I must  first: redefine who I am as human being and
how I experience my humanity
to rediscover and reclaim what has always been there,
to reawaken my existing genius
and my potential to shape my world.
I must continue to become …

A Leader of Global Transformation … accepting every opportunity
to engage life differently with a call to women to lead and co-create with men differently with an invitation for men to relax into new ways of being.

A ‘wave’ or ‘movement’ … for creating living, organic collectives that thrive
on the uniqueness of the individual and his/her impact  when choosing to ‘Engage!’

A living model … for manifestation of a future based on standing in the moment,
looking into the future and creating by intention.

I must choose to make the choices that will move me toward our declared intention and
to not make choices that will simply move me away from my fears.

MY Declared Beliefs/Values/Attitudes:
*     I am a Quantum Biological Human.
*     I live in a holographic universe.
*     Growth and healing is a biological imperative.
*     I am up to the challenge.
*     I am critical to making a difference.
*     It is not too late.
*     There is an urgency to engage.
*     If not me, then who ?
*     This is fun, exciting and adventurous: I do not have to do serious things, seriously.
*     I am the godforce expressing in a physical universe.
*     My world is a safe and abundant place.
*     My confusion is a gateway/portal to my own evolution.
*     I am not alone.
*     My ‘reality’ is based on my expectations.
*     Every response is an intelligent response: there are no exceptions!
*     What you think of me is none of my business.
*     Your judgments of me are reflections of your internal landscapes.
*     When I engage, a difference occurs.
*     My power is in the size and courage of my questions.
*     History of multiple sclerosis is irrelevant as a guide to creating my future.
*     I am an explorer piercing the veil that obscures previous advances that can benefit humanity.

BY the end of 2009, in harmony with the Intention of the WEL-Systems Institute,
I expect – to create a global awareness of, and access to,
scientific and anecdotal Evidence of Self Healing and Recovery and MS,
and access to The WEL-Systems perspective and/or experience.

Eva Marsh
June 21, 2006