Happy 70th birthday Eva!

After the news that I didn't have long when diagnosed in 1967, I ignored birthdays and when my family started asking what I wanted to do for my 70th birthday, I was surprised! Time flies, so I decided to do something grand! Come Fly with me on my 70th birthday flight...

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What’s Up with Viagra?

For the past 40 years or so, the repair of myelin in laboratory animals has been proven to occur naturally in a short time. A recent article claims that the use of viagra (sildenafil) reduces the clinical signs of EAE [in mice] by preventing axonal loss and promoting...

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Share Your Experience

Recent research direction is based on perception that ms is inactive during pregnancy …

if you have experienced symptoms, or were diagnosed during or after pregnancy, please share your experience and

your feelings …  privacy assured …

If there is any aspect of your experience with the diagnosis of ms that you wish to share, it will help expand my viewpoint.

Thank you

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