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Eva Marsh


The Restlessness of Women`s Genius©2006
by Louise LeBrun With 17 Amazing Women!

How does a powerful woman get that way?
How does she define `power` for herself?
And when she discovers that power, how does she live?

Step into the lives of Eva Marsh and 17 other women
who have healed themselves from various medical problems ..
as they awaken to claim and redesign their lives.

Published by the WEL-Systems Institute
ISBN 0-9688064-4-9
$29.98 + S&H

As a Certified WEL-Systems® Catalyst and CODE Model Coach™, Eva is committed to giving back to the world with talks and workshops on life altering changes as she continues to create new ways to support others in their own evolution.

Eva’s first book was: Black Patent Shoes Dancing With MS is a metaphor for the steps in healing and recovery. It is the ONLY book available about repair of the damage caused by ms – with scientific corroboration!


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