Research and the pharmaceutical industry have been looking for an MS treatment with wide market potential. The latest is a vaccine based on the success of Covid mRNA research.

This recent article was sent my way and of course, I had to follow it up!

It describes how experts behind the BioNTech coronavirus vaccine now in use globally, have developed another vaccine which they claim, cures multiple sclerosis in mice!

Clinical trials on mice revealed the MS jab cured the condition, stopped disease progression and restores some motor skills which had already been lost”.

In several mouse models of MS, Sahin’s team showed that an mRNA vaccine encoding a disease-related autoantigen successfully ameliorated MS symptoms in sick animals and prevented disease progression in rodents showing early signs of MS. The results were published in Science.

In the BioNTech trials, mice were prepared with Experimental Autoallergic Encephalitis, EAE, an experimental virus created for use in animal research to mimic the pathology of multiple sclerosis, a virus that has never been identified.

For the past 40 years or more, the repair of myelin in laboratory animals has been proven to occur naturally in a short time yet, this recent article claims a ‘jab’ of … m1? mRNA vaccine reduces the clinical signs of EAE [in mice] by preventing axonal loss and promoting remyelination.

There have been other claims for a treatment to relieve symptoms:

In 2000, a team at the Mayo Clinic claimed, for the first time, to be able to significantly repair central nervous system damage in mice with a disease that mimics multiple sclerosis EAE. Treating mice with antibodies for five weeks caused the myelin to re-grow.

In 2009, The Zamboni Liberation Theory promised a miracle relief for people suffering the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

In 2011, a team claimed that the use of viagra (sildenafil) reduces the clinical signs of EAE in mice, by preventing axonal loss and promoting remyelination.

In her PhD thesis 1960, Mary Bunge found that repair of myelin in adult cats begins naturally in 19 days, and by 64 days, all axons were at least thinly remyelinated. Further – experimental animals NOT sacrificed for slides, began to improve when remyelination began, and returned to normal by the time most axons were partly remyelinated!!!

Reading that paragraph in Mary Bunge’s paper after diagnosis in 1967, gave me the confidence to ignore dire predictions, and just keep moving! I have just celebrated by 77th birthday, and Tai Chi in the park has resumed!

Bunge Mary Bartlett(1960) Ultrastructural Study of Myelin Breakdown and Reformation in an Experimentally Induced Lesion in Adult Cat Spinal Cord. PhD Zoology, University of Wisconsin.

Bunge RP, Bunge MB and Ris H (1961) Ultrastructural study of remyelination in an experimental lesion in adult cat spinal cord, J Biophys Biochem Cyto 10:67-94. J Cell Biol since 1962

While lab animals know instinctively how to recover –  keep moving and take many naps  – humans living with MS symptoms are told we can expect progressive decline with little hope for recovery, and that we must wait for a chemical miracle …