Books on Medical and Scientific Topics

that broaden understanding of the healing process.

When a problem as remained unsolved for so many centuries, 

the approach and some of the fundamental tenets are probably incorrect.

 Valerie V. Hunt, Infinite Mind© 1989, 1995, 1996

THE COSMIC SERPENT DNA AND THE ORIGINS OF KNOWLEDGE© 1998 by Jeremy Narby … places discussion of indigenous knowledge in a deeper philosophical and cosmological framework … correspondence between knowledge of Amazonian shamans and modern biologists …

The INTENTION EXPERIMENT© by Lynne McTaggart, Author of The Field©2001 –  Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World.

The BODY ELECTRIC ©1985 by Robert O. Becker MD and Gary Selden, HARPER New York, London “… accurate expose of the politics of medicine and research …” Journal of Ultramolecular Medicine.   EM – Sometimes difficult to follow, but worth the read! Dr Becker has taken the trouble to recount his experience with the frustration of having ground breaking research held up several decades by the politics of grant approval. Becker wants the general public to know that science isn’t run the way we read about it and he wants lay people to understand that we cannot automatically accept the pronouncements of scientists at face value. The way research is funded and evaluated at present means that we are finding out more and more about less and less … science is becoming our enemy instead of our friend.

The SPONTANEOUS HEALING of BELIEF: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits©2008 by Gregg Braden, Hay House Inc., California, New York. Does a shift in our perceptions, our beliefs hold the key to healing? AMAZING BOOK!!

The HUMAN ANTENNA: READING the LANGUAGE of the UNIVERSE in the SONGS of OUR CELLS©2007,2008, by Dr Robin Kelly, Energy Psychology Press, Santa Rosa California. Dr Kelly describes the mechanisms by which cells speak to each other using electrical fields; our bones and ligaments are conductors that can transmit energy and information at the speed of light. Offers ways to use this energy.

BAD SCIENCE,Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks©2008,2009, 2010, by Ben Goldacre, McClelland & Stewart Ltd, Toronto Canada. Goldacre is a doctor who writes the ‘Bad Science’ column for the Guardian, London UK. His work focuses on unpicking the evidence behind misleading claims from journalists, the pharmaceutical industry, alternative therapies, and government reports. Lots to chew on!

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It. by Marcia Angell MD,©2004, Random. Medical Ethicist, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and critic of the pharmaceutical industry using facts and evidence to back up her observations. See

The BRAIN That Changes Itself ©2007 Penguin Books New York, by Doidge Norman MD. Our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brain, and Doidge explores numerous case histories and conversations with scientists who explain the phenomenon.

From Neuron to Brain© 1992  Third Edition, by John G Nicholls, A Robert Martin, Bruce G Wallace, Sinauer Associates, Inc, Sunderland Massachusetts USA.  A cellular and molecular approach to the function of the nervous system.

Understanding the Nervous System An Engineering Approach© 1993 by Sid Deutsch and Alice Deutsch , IEEE PRESS  New York, NY  … engineering perspective in which physiological system is simplified so it can be analysed mathematically, and presented as simplified model.

Our Daily Meds ©2008 by Melody Peterson. Sarah Crichton Books, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York. How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs. Title says it all!

When the Body says NO ©2003 by Mate Gabor MD, Vintage Canada. Mate examines patients’ life histories with explanations of the science behind mind-body unity. “When we have been prevented from learning how to say no, our bodies may end up doing it for us.” Gabor Mate

ELECTRIC UNIVERSE ©2005 by David Bodanis, Random House Inc. New York . “A technological odyssey complete with heroes and villains, triumph and tragedy – a true scientific adventure.” Simon Singh, Author of Big Bang.   Amazing look at history of humanity and the mysterious electromagnetic force.

The Push to Prescribe – Women and Canadian Drug Policy ©2010 by Anne Rochon Ford and Diane Saibil, Women’s Press Toronto.         This is critical information for women, and men! Written as a textbook, it’s a heavy read for women who need to know the truth about drug policy and whether we can trust government health departments.

Unraveling the mysteries of Health: How people manage stress and stay well © 1987 by Aaron Antonovsky, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.            Why are some people located toward the positive end of the health-ease/dis-ease continuum? Why do they move to the health end whatever their location? Individual issue: problem solving and regulation of emotion?

The Turning Point – Science, Society and the Rising Culture © 1982 by Fritjof Capra, Bantam Books New York.  Physicist Capra shares a compelling vision of a new reality. A reconciliation of science and the human spirit for a future that will work. See … exclusion of healing from biomedical science … p124  

The Tao of Physics© 1975 by Fritjof Capra, Collins Publishing Group London.  Exploration of the harmony between Eastern mysticism and quantum physics. 

Bootstrap and Buddism© 1974 by Fritjof Capra, American Journal of Physics 42:15-19. All scientific theories and models are approximations to the true nature of things. 

QUANTUM HEALING: Exploring the Frontiers of MIND/BODY Medicine© 1989 by Chopra Deepak, Bantam Books.  Brings together research in Western medicine and neuroscience, with insights of Ayurvedic medicine to show how  human body operates with “network of intelligence” grounded in quantum reality.

The Genie in Your Genes© 2007 by Dawson Church, Elite Books, Santa Rosa California. Epigenetic Medicine and the key to Biology of Intention … research demonstrates that only 16{69b4c995f5f4d85381c0f9d2ef1be6f5720f583e5205e1bda5cd84f701c379d2} of patients visiting medical clinics have an identifiable organic ailment …

Newton’s Tyranny© 2001 by Clark David H & Stephen PH Clark, WH Freeman and Company New York. for all his contributions to the Enlightenment, Newton was a deeply complex man who sometimes aggressively tried to obscure the intellectual achievements of others … lessons for modern times. 

Alternative Pathways to Healing: The Recovery Medicine Wheel© 1990 by Kip Coggins, Health Communications Inc, Deerfield Florida. Explains the concept of the  North American Indian Medicine Wheel to recover and live in harmony with self, others and the world. 

*Pride and a Daily Marathon© 1991 by Jonathan Cole, MIT Cambridge Mass & London, Recovery from total loss of sensation and position sense, an amazing experience of self healing. 

Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing REINVENTING MEDICINE© 1999 by Larry Dossey MD, HarperSanFrancisco   Considered one of the pioneers of mind/body medicine, Dossey provides the scientific and medical proof that the spiritual dimension works in therapeutic treatment – explodes the boundaries of the healing arts. ref to Yount Garret L, California Pacific Medical Center .. experiments with cervical cancer, “... mental intentions can increase vitality of living things and can also inhibit and destroy  …” p51 

How the Self Controls Its Brain© 1994 by John Eccles, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. A challenge to long dark gloom of materialism, and a scientific explanation to reinstate the spiritual self as controller of the brain. 

Conquering Stress© 1993 by Edstrom KRS, Barron’s Educational Series, Hauppauge, New York. page iii  75-90{69b4c995f5f4d85381c0f9d2ef1be6f5720f583e5205e1bda5cd84f701c379d2} visits to doctor are stress related and top 3 prescription drugs for stress related – preventable conditions! p13 – 50-80{69b4c995f5f4d85381c0f9d2ef1be6f5720f583e5205e1bda5cd84f701c379d2} disease considered stress related – psychosomatic mind/body! 

Higher Creativity – Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights© 1984 by Harmon Willis & Howard Rheingold, Jeremy P Tarcher/Putnam of Penguin Putnam Inc. A quantum leap beyond ordinary creativity and our previous way of looking at things!  Authors discuss our self imposed limitations and The Secret history of inspiration ReProgramming the awesome power of the unconscious. 

Infinite Mind, Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness© 1989 by Valerie Hunt, Malibu Publishing Co, Malibu California. Scientific exploration of the human electromagnetic field … clarifies metaphysical deductions from physics … how our magnetic field changes during human interactions, correlation of field waves and auric colours … clinical suppositions.

*When the Horse Dies, Get off and Stop Dragging It Around! Awakening the quantum biological human© 2004 by Louise LeBrun, WEL-Systems Institute, Ottawa, CanadaDiscover just how powerfully you can move through your world when you are mindful and awake. 

Alternate Realities The Search for the Full Human Being© 1976, by Lawrence LeShan, Ballantyne Books, New York. Normal and paranormal, the possible and impossible … and in each, the choice is up to us …  

How to Meditate© 1974 by Lawrence LeShan, Bantam Books, New York.
Former Chief of Psychology at Institute of Applied Biology in NY, LeShan is a pioneer in exploring therapeutic and ethical implications of meditation.

*Biology of Beliefunleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles © 2005 by Bruce Lipton, Mountain of Love/Elite Books Santa Rosa CaliforniaSummary of scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects 
of the brain’s functioning, shows how all cells are affected by our beliefs! 

Motivation and Personality© 1984 by Abraham Maslow Maslow, Harper & Row, New York general theory of human motivation … emphasizing the psychology of health … a biological efficiency that needs explaining … 

*The Alchemy of Energy© 2004 by Gwen McCauley, WEL-Systems Institute Ottawa Canada …  Like all matter of the universe, physics shows us how we are mostly space with energy moving in, and through, us. How we choose to live, determines how this energy manifests as our bodies, relationships, health.

The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe© 2002 by Lynne McTaggart, Quill, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, US Edition.
Science is beginning to prove a new biological paradigm – that mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea … 

Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can© 1987 by Myss Caroline, Harmony Books, Crown Publishers, New York NY.  … hidden interactions of belief and body, soul and cell … cultural and individual contexts in which people become physically and spiritually ill … how to connect with your energy and stay on path to wellness … 

The Healing Brain© 1987 by Ornstein Robert and Sobel David, A Touchstone Book, Simon & Schuster, New York Exploration of myriad healing powers of the brain … beliefs and expectations are powerful. 

Fundamentals of Physiological Psychology© 1974  by Richard L Bruce … excellent text for graphical review of nervous system activity … premise that bodily mechanisms explain human behaviour … written before we began to explore how our minds affect our bodies …

The Biology of Transcendence A Blueprint of the Human Spirit© 2002 by Joseph Chilton Pearce, Park Street Press, Rochester Vermont  … biological truth of the capacity for transcendence within us … 

Evolution’s End, Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence© 1992 by Joseph Chilton Pearce, HarperSanFrancisco, HarperCollins Publishers, New York, NY It’s time for the way we think about our families, our schools, and our lives to evolve. 

*Molecules of Emotion, The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine© 1999 by Candace Pert, Touchstone, New York.herstory of Pert’s landmark peptide research  … how chemicals in the body form dynamic information network, linking mind and body …  change how we see ourselves … molecular basis for emotions

The Self And Its Brain An Argument for Interactionism© 1977 by Karl R Popper and John C Eccles. This edition© 1986, Springer-Verlag, BerlinComing to terms with conflicting opinions between philosophy and neuroscience on the body-mind puzzle, the emergence of life, and the consciousness and creativity of our minds.   

NEVER GIVE UP© 1999 by Lillian Postgate as told to Heidi Oeste, SHALOM PRODUCTIONS, CANADA  60 Years of living well with MS in spite of various symptoms … 

Learned Resourcefulness© 1990 by Michael Rosenbaum, Springer Publishing Company New York.  Reprogramming a chosen response rather than reflex response to our environment … 

*The Mind & The Brain© 2003 by Jeffrey M Schwartz MD and Sharon Begley, HarperCollins. “just like actual physical movements, imagined movements trigger synaptic change at the cortical level” p217 

From Dream to Discovery – On Being a Scientist© 1994 by Hans Selye, McGraw-Hill Book Company New Yorkdeprivation of motivation goal is the greatest mental tragedy because it destroys all guidelines.”

SOUL MIND BODY MEDICINE , A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality© 2006 by Sha, Dr Zhi Gang Sha, New World Library Novato California  … Just as our thoughts can influence water, our souls can bring healing and balance to our lives … mind has ability to condense its own power … 

Exploring CHAKRAS Awaken Your Untapped Energy©  2003 by Susan Shumsky, Career Press, Franklin Lakes New Jersey   … uncovers the chakra system in the body responsible for physical, mental and spiritual activity … ” more than breath flowing in and out of lungs … living electricity induces activity of every cell of living matter …” 

Love, Medicine & Miracles© 1986 by Bernie Siegel MD, Harper & Rose Publishers, NY. Love heals; miracles happen every day. 

Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics© 1993 by Henry Stapp, Springer Verlag How are conscious processes related to brain processes?
p4 brain processes are causally influenced by subjective conscious experience. (mind affects neuroplasticity of brain

The Physiology of Consciousness© 1993 by Robert Keith Wallace, Maharishi International University Press How Maharishi’s Vedic Physiology and its practical application can solve the problems of individual and collective health and raise life to a new level of fulfillment. ISBN 0 923569 06 5

The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment© 1986 by Maharishi International University Press. How Maharishi’s Meditation transforms the human body. ISBN 0 923569 02 2 

Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference: Controversy, Misuse and Subtlety Misuse and abuse of statistical methods© 1993 by Chamont Wang, Marcel Cekker, New York Contrary to popular belief among many scientists, sometimes subjective knowledge is more reliable than “objective” experimentation. 

Spontaneous Healing How to Discover and Enhance the Body’s Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself © 1995 by Andrew Weil …. Fawcett Columbine New York 

*Leadership and the NEW SCIENCE  Discovering Order in a Chaotic World© 1999 by Margaret Wheatley, Berrett- Koehler Publishers Inc. California.   Describes a world where chaos is natural, where intricate webs of cooperation connect us and we emerge from chaos with new capacities and new energy. Life seeks order, but uses messes to get there. 

Silent Power© 1996 by Stuart Wilde, Hay House Carlsbad, California, Accessing our silent power … real and fake self … 

Human Senses and Perception© 1964 by CM Wyburn, RW Pickford & RJ Hirst, University of Toronto Press, Toronto Canada. Contribution of the senses to to human experience.