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Self Healing And Recovery & Multiple Sclerosis 

As a WEL-Systems®  Catalyst™
Eva is able to share her experienceat the NLP Master Practitioner level.


Eva Marsh is the ONLY speaker who can describe recovery from the damage of
multiple sclerosis – and the research that enabled her to devise her strategies and inform you of current opinions and research.

Using her background in scientific research Eva illustrates the complex neuroscience of her experience with simple graphics and explanations. Since diagnosis in 1967 Eva has been her own experimental subject.

Eva Marsh’s experience in Problem Solving & Self Empowerment carries a  message far beyond her particular life circumstances and shows how we can heal ourselves – and create the life we want.

Eva will hold your audience spellbound as she describes her Triumph over MS, single parenthood, adult student days at McMaster University, neuroscience research and further study in quantum biophysics of healing.

Her story of triumph is both inspirational
– and motivational,
and – unexpected!

*3 Steps to Dancing With MS
Hold the Intention, Get Factual information, Take Action & Have Some Fun!! Hear about the Power of these 3 steps in the Dance to Recovery.  Eva shares the research that inspired her strategies for recovery.

*It’s In OUR Hands – 
The Power to Influence Our Health
Finding the power – making constructive life & health decisions.

*Speaking of Wellness
How our words translate to wellness.
Hear how the body actually responds to our words and thoughts!!

*Making the Impossible – Possible
Ways to promote joyful changes in our  lives.

*Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit
Ideas on how to recognize and deal with the subtle influences that prior experience and beliefs can have on our health.
NLP in action.

Ideas for dealing with family issues. Assuring family
& friends that support need not be an escalating commitment.

*Science, Spirituality & Healing
How accessing our resources on the quantum level connects mind, body and spirit to speed healing.

*The Disabling Mythology that Surrounds MS
Eva uses facts from history and research to expose how the modern myths about multiple sclerosis developed and can immobilize us.

Time and topics can be customized to suit your area of interest.