Eva Marsh

describes the highlights of her life and
the research she found and has used for recovery
from the damage of Multiple Sclerosis …


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October 1, 2019 – HELLO Dear Friends! 

RUSSIAN YouTube audiobook video has been posted by shtift70

While the book IS the Russian translation of my book – Black Patent Shoes Dancing With MS©1989, the author photo is not me!

Google Translation of introductory blurb …

In the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, medicine has not advanced one step, there is not a single patient who has long been put on his feet by doctors in all countries of the world. This is both terrifying and not. Therefore, it is extremely important to collect bit by bit the experience of people who have made personal discoveries, collected important medical information, and made their own achievements in the field of victory over the disease.
It is such a unique experience that Eva Marsh shares. Her debut of the disease (multiple sclerosis) began at age 22, the symptoms increased according to the well-known pattern, but then everything happened completely different than is commonly believed. At a certain point, Eve began to write down her days, years, all of her experience has developed in this book. Having no literary gift, she became the favorite table book of many. Her specific searches, conclusions and tips allow you to see the problem from different angles. To understand the lack of doom that everyone who is diagnosed hears is multiple sclerosis.

She easily describes all stages of her life, despite the complexity of her own family situation. Eve becomes absolutely dear after the first moments of encountering symptoms that are not familiar to every pc.

By the middle of the book, you completely lose the thread, Eve writes about herself or about me. So the situations and people in the book are repeated, the scenery and the names of the heroes only change. This gives great hope that its path can be repeated in its execution and achieve a similar result.
This is a rare book, it is the most positive reading that has ever been written about multiple sclerosis. The book nourishes, gives strength and supports a quivering spirit. She completely rejects the generally accepted formula about the complete disability of patients with a diagnosis at a certain age.
Eve, an active woman who is over 71 years old and many of us up to this age live a long time. Therefore, the idea of a full-fledged life with multiple sclerosis is embedded in Eve’s narrative, which you need to familiarize yourself with, understand the essence and grasp the important, for each his own. THANK YOU shtift70 for sharing my story. Eva Marsh 



Reading her book, we should ask ourselves how Eva managed to recover so completely from each episode of paralysis. Many, I suppose, will consider that she was an unusually lucky patient. But as new information is gathered concerning the interactions between the mind and the endocrine and immune systems, may we not wonder if Eva’s unquenchable spirit was a major factor in her remission? … Doctors and other health care professionals will also benefit from reading Eva’s story. Foolish indeed is the person who thinks he has nothing to learn.

Alan J. McComas M.B. Professor of Biomedicine, McMaster University

Your personal story is so wonderful for all those who think they are “victims.” Your life will be a model for self-empowerment, helping others with “new hope” to evolve as well.

Bruce Lipton PhD Author of The Biology of Belief and
The Science of Innate Intelligence

Eva Marsh shows us what matters most is not what other people think we can do but what we think we can do! Beyond being testament to her courage and determination Black Patent Shoes invites us all to consider the power of that insatiable curiosity in the shaping of our own lives.

Louise LeBrun author of Fully Alive From to 9 to 5 and
Phoenix Rising: The Freeing of Human Potential

You will enjoy reading Eva’s book and catching up on her life since the first edition. I recently reread the original book and it was like reading it the first time. I had forgotten the engaging style of writing and how quickly I became absorbed in her story.

Pat Mandy RN, MPA, CHE

Been meaning to be in touch all week. I finished your book some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so easy to read … just like sitting having a chat with you. You did a wonderful job of it. Even the “technical” parts are simply enough explained that I got the gist of them. Well done!                                                                                                                                                    Gladys Hamilton