Personal Coaching Sessions

“As a field must be plowed before being sown,
so a mind must be troubled before being introduced to a new idea.” 

Anonymous cited in Leonard Frank’s Quotation

For more than 40 years, Eva Marsh has helped many with her presentations and workshops. By sharing her experience of recovery from the damage of multiple sclerosis and the research that explains it, others have been able to devise personal strategies to reclaim their lives.  From 2002 – 2006, Eva studied the science and spirituality of healing and wellness at the WEL-Systems® Institute in Ottawa, Canada.

Fusing the power of words, quantum physics, and the biomedical advances of Candace Pert & Lipton Bruce with the energy concepts  of Eastern mysticism, embodies … The WEL-Systems Model.

As a certified  WEL-Systems® Catalyst and CODE Model Coach™, Eva now offers personal coaching sessions

Welcome to the quantum age of endless possibilities
and sources of energy. Create your own reality. 

From childhood many of us have held back the expression of our true feelings in response to  the people and events in our lives. Blocking our emotional response impairs the creation and flow of healing peptides* and we are left with symptoms that we try to ignore, or mask with chemicals.

We can let go of stored conscious and subconscious hurts!  We can work with our body to process trapped energy and see evidence of the result in healing.

With breathing we pump energy molecules (peptides) to every cell. We can learn  to recognize and use our own resources for healing – to become attentive to body signals for clues for simple changes that improve our lives.

Each cell in our body engages in hundreds of thousands of process every second (information, nourishment, waste, healing, memory) and the body, acting as the GENIUS quantum biological processor of information, does the job it was designed to do – keep us well.

Engage in a relaxed yet empowering meditative process, and release subconscious obstructions to free the flow of your energy. Reclaim the energy bound up in past events,  without having to speak about the cause.

Interview other coaches, and when you decide that the experience, qualifications, and references provided by Eva suit your needs, contact her for more information or an appointment  – Contact Eva.

*peptide – combination of amino acids that … co-ordinate physiology, behaviour, and emotion 
toward what seems to be coherent and meaningful.  

catalyst … a person or thing that precipitates a change; that which, without undergoing any 
permanent change, increases the rate of a creation. Oxford Dictionary